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So You Have A Website Now What?

RRP $13.99

Is So You Have a Website for Now What for you?

Let's first look at four simple questions:

1. Are you happy with the way your website is performing today?

2. Is your website helping you capture leads and close sales?

3. Is your business helping you and your business reach its goals?

4. If you were to get 1,000 new prospects to your website tomorrow, would your site be ready to convert them into customers?

How do you know if your website is as effective as you expected it to be? If you are not getting the results you want, do you know what to do to help it along? Are you prepared to ask yourself the big questions about your website and take the steps to ensure its success out there with the big boys?

As a business owner, you know how important it is to have a website. Everyone knows that in order to stay in the game you have to have a strong online presence. So you dove right in and made the plunge to an excellent marketing decision: buying a website!

But what many business owners don't realize is that they could be pouring thousands of dollars, countless hours, and valuable resources into something that is doing absolutely NOTHING for their company! Where do you turn when you feel the burn of a marketing wasteland with no hope of a successful campaign?

These concerns are exactly what led Wayne Mullins of Ugly Mug Marketing to compose a user-friendly guide to the world of web. His book, "So You Have A Website Now What?" can help you or your business productively utilize your website to the proper capacity. This isn't some long-winded tech manual, just the experience of a man who has been in your shoes and pulled through - ready to share his success story with you!

What can you expect from "So You Have A Website Now What"? Below are some of those key topics that Wayne addresses in his book and some suggestions for you to think about as you consider your website marketing strategy:

*KNOW YOUR MARKET - Who are the target people you want to attract to your site? Can you provide a clear and concise picture of what you are looking for when it comes to viewers? What about customers needs?

*FIND YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE - What are you doing to set yourself apart from your competition? Is it service, product, demand? Having a strong competitive edge helps you soar to the top of your marketing goals.

*WHAT CUSTOMERS NEED - Are you putting your customers first? Are you catering to their wants and needs vs. your own business agenda? What are you doing to drive them to your site, and more importantly KEEP them there long enough to spread the word?

*WHAT YOUR WEB DEVELOPER DIDN'T TELL YOU - Say you had someone build a website for youdid they go over everything you needed to maintain it to its full potential? Probably not. Even if they did, are you doing your part in promoting it the way you should? Is the content current, accurate, and frequently updated? Do you know how to update your website?

*FinallyBUY THE BOOK! Pretty simple, right? "So You Have A Website Now What?" can help you answer some of these questions and provide the tools you need to take charge of your website's biggest challenges.

Investing In Films

RRP $286.99

Reviews: "A unique and insightful book! Producers will benefit from it just as much as investors will, as it helps to unlock the secrets of making smart film investments, and profitable financial structures." Clark Peterson Producer of the Academy Award-winning Monster and numerous other films "This book captures the essence of independent film financing like nothing else I've read before. I've produced and executive produced over 25 features films and 2 TV series in my 30 year career. I was also a Sales Agent and Development and Acquisitions executive for many years. I wish I had that book when I started; It reveals many best practices that investors should absolutely be aware of." Paco Alvarez, Film & TV executive, Forward Motion Entertainment "Rene's book is a must-read for anyone that wants to understand better where the value lies in producing film whether you are an investor, producer or academic. And unlike most "must read" books this one is as readable as it is rewarding" Michael, Hennessy, President and CEO of the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) "Even though originally intended for investment professionals, the book "INVESTING IN FILMS" is a useful guide even for a filmmaker and "indie-producer" like me. I read the book last summer, during the initial phase of the production of a film that will soon be released. It has extended my understanding of the flow of creativity/production/distribution that constitutes the making of a film, allowing me to escape from my territorial and limited dimension while helping me to reach a more professional level, even though my project is self-managed and self-financed. Precision, effectiveness, conciseness, clarity and rhythm: these are the qualities that allow you to finish this book in an afternoon and to keep it as a useful and easy to access reminder in the months to come. I realized that rigorous investors can improve the chances of a film project to find its audience successfully with more sharpness, strength and clarity. Just like Rene Bourdages style." Christine Reinhold, Artistic Director - Founder, Teatro Primo Studio - Film Beyond "Rene gives the reader a complete panoramic view on investing in the film industry. He helps make the investment process understandable and friendly. This book allows people to enter the film business universe, including people who manage investment funds and make entertainment investments an attractive addition to their portfolio. Rene Bourdages has written a book that is a "must read" for any investor interested in the film industry." Fabio Cesnik, Partner at Cesnik, Quintino & Salinas Law Firm. President of the Media and Entertainment Committee at the Lawyers' Institute of Sao Paulo "Rene Bourdages is a brilliant entertainment expert. In this new book called INVESTING IN FILMS, Rene does an impressive job at highlighting key information to quickly become Hollywood business savvy. This is a generous regroupment of best kept secrets, shared with everyone who is passionate about the business side of showbusiness." Evelyne Ouellet, CEO, SAFIRA Entertainment "Rene's book is a succinct, accessible guide to the practical do"s and don'ts of investing in film. I recommend it to anyone considering to invest in this risky but sometimes highly profitable industry." Jeremy Spry, Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs, Muse Entertainment This book has intentionally been crafted for busy business investment professionals. It focuses on what the best investors have been secretly doing in recent times. It will help any serious investors whether, High Net Worth Individual, Hedge Fund and Private Equity Fund Manager, Family Office Chief Investor Officers to avoid costly mistakes and improve their ROI by knowing what to look for in filmed entertainment financing."


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