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So You Have A Website Now What?

RRP $13.99

Is So You Have a Website for Now What for you?

Let's first look at four simple questions:

1. Are you happy with the way your website is performing today?

2. Is your website helping you capture leads and close sales?

3. Is your business helping you and your business reach its goals?

4. If you were to get 1,000 new prospects to your website tomorrow, would your site be ready to convert them into customers?

How do you know if your website is as effective as you expected it to be? If you are not getting the results you want, do you know what to do to help it along? Are you prepared to ask yourself the big questions about your website and take the steps to ensure its success out there with the big boys?

As a business owner, you know how important it is to have a website. Everyone knows that in order to stay in the game you have to have a strong online presence. So you dove right in and made the plunge to an excellent marketing decision: buying a website!

But what many business owners don't realize is that they could be pouring thousands of dollars, countless hours, and valuable resources into something that is doing absolutely NOTHING for their company! Where do you turn when you feel the burn of a marketing wasteland with no hope of a successful campaign?

These concerns are exactly what led Wayne Mullins of Ugly Mug Marketing to compose a user-friendly guide to the world of web. His book, "So You Have A Website Now What?" can help you or your business productively utilize your website to the proper capacity. This isn't some long-winded tech manual, just the experience of a man who has been in your shoes and pulled through - ready to share his success story with you!

What can you expect from "So You Have A Website Now What"? Below are some of those key topics that Wayne addresses in his book and some suggestions for you to think about as you consider your website marketing strategy:

*KNOW YOUR MARKET - Who are the target people you want to attract to your site? Can you provide a clear and concise picture of what you are looking for when it comes to viewers? What about customers needs?

*FIND YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE - What are you doing to set yourself apart from your competition? Is it service, product, demand? Having a strong competitive edge helps you soar to the top of your marketing goals.

*WHAT CUSTOMERS NEED - Are you putting your customers first? Are you catering to their wants and needs vs. your own business agenda? What are you doing to drive them to your site, and more importantly KEEP them there long enough to spread the word?

*WHAT YOUR WEB DEVELOPER DIDN'T TELL YOU - Say you had someone build a website for youdid they go over everything you needed to maintain it to its full potential? Probably not. Even if they did, are you doing your part in promoting it the way you should? Is the content current, accurate, and frequently updated? Do you know how to update your website?

*FinallyBUY THE BOOK! Pretty simple, right? "So You Have A Website Now What?" can help you answer some of these questions and provide the tools you need to take charge of your website's biggest challenges.

A Directory For The Canonical Hours

RRP $18.99

This short but beautiful treatise, though written for the benefit of Benedictine monks, is so full of spiritual wisdom, and of gentle and loying piety, that no one can read it without feeling himself moved to devotion. In language of inexpressible sweetness and power, it sets before us the threefold office of divine worship-praise, than ksgiving, and prayer; and with maxims culled from the writings of Saints and Fathers of the Church, develops this threefold office throughout the several hours of the Divine Office. Should a beginner find the number of subjects laid down for meditation too great a strain on his intellect, nothing can be easier than to single out the chief ones and dwell on them, not for the space of one psalm only, as the author directs, but during two or three. A like easy arrangement will at once remove any difficulty that may be met with by ecclesiastics not using our monastic Breviary, which Abbot Cisneros had in view in allotting the subjects for meditation to the several canonical hours. Let us consider this wise advice: "IN the second book of Paralipomenon, chapter the twenty-ninth, it is written: My sons, be not negligent; the Lord hath chosen you to stand before Him, and to minister to Him, and to worship Him. Since, then, God has chosen the religious man as His minister, to worship and serve Him, he ought to know how God is to be served. For, as Gerson says, nothing so beseems a religious as the worthy and careful performance of divine worship- to-wit, of the canonical hours, which our father and captain, St. Benedict, calls in his Rule the work of God; more especially because it is the first duty of a religious, as St. Jerome says, to employ himself in praising God, offering Him hymns, psalms, prayers, and sacrifice; and by these means to appease the anger of God against His people, and bewail the sins of his brethren. Wherefore a monk must be watchful and diligent in worthily discharging the debt of his service to God, lest the fearful curse of Jeremias the prophet fall upon him: Cursed be the man that doth the work of God with negligence."


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